18 Cool and Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

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birthday gifts for him

It could be a real challenge to find something new and exciting for your precious one especially when you know that your guy seems to have everything he needs in his daily life. Now if you are looking for some Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him and you don’t know where to find them then don’t worry. You’ve just come to the right place.

We’ve searched the Internet to find the best birthday gifts for him, so you don’t have it. Buying birthday gifts can be a hassle, but we’ve made your job a bit easier by finding the best picks for your next birthday or anniversary gifts.

We’ve selected some very cool and classy perfect gift for him that are both practical and thoughtful, ranging from modest items that will be perfect just-because gifts to larger-ticket items for a big anniversary or birthday celebration merit the extra care. And don’t worry if you don’t find something for your husband here (though we’d be astonished if you didn’t), because we have plenty of gift ideas for at least one of the key guys in your lives.

So, let’s dive into these most uncommon birthday gifts for him this year.

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him 2022

1. Portable Campfire:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

 These Campfires are easy to start and manage and are environment friendly as well. They leave behind no pollution or negative impact on the surroundings and just might be one of the uncommon gifts for him that you might be looking for.

This portable campfire, which was featured on Season 9 of ABC’s Shark Tank can be a great uncommon gift for him and provides a full campfire experience wherever life takes him, with quick cleanup and a pleasant aroma from all-natural Eucalyptus essential oil. Radiate Portable Campfires are created with recycled soy wax and recycled paper briquettes, reducing our environmental impact. So if you’re looking for uncommon gifts for boyfriends or just uncommon birthday gifts for men then this might be a good pick for you.

2. Viking Culture Ox Horn Mug

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

If your man beer lover, then this Vintage Horn Beer Mug Set would be a great choice for him. Let’s him be a thunder god of Thor when he drink his tasty beer. If you have doubt on this one, we are sure that this will be a unique birthday gifts for him.

This cool viking mug is sourced from real oxen and set comes with a 3-oz. Real horn shot glass and a stylish looking horn bottle opener to help you drink your favorite bee with all the gusto of a Norse God.

3. Theragun Wave Duo:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

A sore neck or a stiff back can be a deal-breaker and a downer. It is a very uncommon gift for men indeed but everyone needs a bit of help once in a while. This gadget can prove very helpful in turning a grumpy old man into a happy and relaxed person in no time. If you’re looking for Birthday Gifts For boyfriend then you might want to consider this portable massager that is available on Amazon.

Theragun’s Wave Duo massage tool will help him get rid of those hurting, sore regions that are making him feel old. You know it’s good since it’s one of the greatest gadgets we tested in 2021.

4. AFROSURF Coffee Table Book:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Men love comfortable furniture on their room, so they can relax and enjoy their free time. We men care about the authentic value of their surroundings as much as women, despite popular belief. Although Coffee tables can bea cool gift idea for men, this coffee table will brighten up his day for sure.

When it comes to surfing and surf culture, Africa isn’t the first continent that comes to mind. This continent, however, has given a home to a robust culture of surf adventure and good times, with over 19,000 miles of coastline. African surfwear brand Mami Wata collaborates with author Selema Masekela to explore this distinct surf culture and its people in this coffee table book. Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children, two outstanding African surf therapy groups, receive 100% of the book’s proceeds.

5. The Ridge Wallet RFID Blocking Wallet with Money Clip:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

It might be time for your partner to throw out his old and tattered wallet. You’re on the Internet looking for Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him, then these birthday gifts but just a basic upgrade will also be much appreciated.

The Ridge Wallet is a tactical wallet that is sleek, and incredibly durable. It is designed to protect monetary items in a variety of ways. The front and back anodized metal plates will survive for decades, while the RFID-blocking inner plates will keep hackers out of your data. It’s one of the coolest Amazon gifts you can get him.

6. Dog Human Friendship Bracelets:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Most men loves pets, it may be dog or a cat, they sure love their morning / evening walk with them. So if your guy on this category, we got some most uncommon birthday gifts for him here. Your little friends are an important part of you and your partner’s life and pet-related gifts are always appreciated and happily accepted even though that won’t be where your mind goes at first when you’re looking for uncommon gifts for men.

He might not always be into styling his pet, but he won’t be able to say no to these charming matching friendship bracelets. One acts as a collar for their pet, while the other is a complementing wristband they’ll love wearing on their forearm as an best pet gift for him.

7. LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 Building Kit

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Keep the inner child alive in him. One of the uncommon gifts for him can be a Lego set. And what better to get a man than a Marvel Lego set? You might not think of a Lego set when you think about gifts for adults. But this is a fun and unique gift for the men in your life.

To find all of the LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Mos Eisley Cantina 75290 Building Kitl Easter eggs hidden inside this massive LEGO set, he’ll need the trained eye of an investigative reporter. The StarWars Universe is one of the largest sets ever released, with four stories of hidden references, including nods to the new autobot, yoda and darthvader. This exclusive lego set will blow your guy’s mind if he is true starwars fan.

8. DEATH WISH Death Pods

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Who doesn’t love coffee right! As a men, they love their black coffee stronger and rich aroma flavored one. So surprise him with this really uncommon gift of WORLD’S STRONGEST COFFEE on his birthday.

And this Death wish coffee that will instantly transform your daily cup of joe into a delicious, bold, and strong beverage that will motivate your morning.

And these coffee pods are easy to use and compatible with most coffee making machines. So you can sure get him as a birthday gift for him and make it more special.

9. Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Silk Tipped Ribbed Polo Sweater:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

While looking for uncommon birthday gifts for men, we often ignore clothing items. A good Italian sweater is a sweet and clothing item, an romantic birthday gifts for him.

Todd Snyder’s polos are so versatile that they would look just as good on The Rock in 2021 as they would on Don Draper in 1960. While our colleagues at Esquire are enthused about this summer-friendly favorite, we’d like to add that this vintage-inspired, retro-tipped navy alternative should not be overlooked. Although summer is long gone, subtle, timeless features like the contrast tipping on the placket, collar, waistline, and cuffs ensure that this sweater will remain in its warm-weather cycle for decades to come.

10. DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

If your partner loves to travel and you’re looking for uncommon birthday gifts for him, this carry-on might be a great pick.

Both for its distinctive appearance and exceptional commitment to sustainability, the Aviator is a first-class choice. Every suitcase is environmentally benign, thanks to recycled materials like the liner, which is made up of 15 plastic bottles. He’ll enjoy a nice ride through the terminal, thanks to 360-degree rotating wheels, steel axles, and carbon steel bearings—hopefully as smooth as his flight.

11. Jason Scott MJ Shorts:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

You can never buy too many clothes. If you have a partner and you’re bored of the same old impractical gifts and are searching for birthday gifts for boyfriends, you might enjoy this item.

Upon first glance, this option appears to be a simple pair of sweat shorts. But they become so much more once he puts them on. The Jason Scott MJ Shorts have a traditional casual fit that promotes comfort above sloppiness. They’re heavy enough to keep him warm, yet they’re light enough that he doesn’t overheat on hot days. Plus, the cashmere-like lining is a nice touch.

12.  Kings Wild Project Vol. 6 Table Players Card:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Poker is a classy game, and he can always feel good about himself when he’s dealing with a buddy with one of these beautiful Kings Wild decks. The simple and elegantly designed cards have a textured tuck box with a gold overlay, as well as striking black and gold hues across the curt cards, and are printed on traditional Bicycle stock with a smooth feel. Sure, they appear to be expensive for playing cards but consider it an investment in his game. His opponents might be so preoccupied that they won’t notice that he’s hiding a straight flush.

13.  Modest Vintage Player Leather Heavy Punching Bag:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

A punching bag is a very unconventional gift for men. When looking for uncommon birthday gifts and uncommon gifts for men in general. Either for your brother’s or father’s. This vintage leather punching bag is an ideal choice. It’s a great uncommon birthday gift and only gets better with time as the leather breaks in.

The more leather is broken in, the better it looks, which is all the more reason to unload on this gorgeous, hand-crafted punching bag designed to survive intense training. The 100% heavy-duty cowhide, reinforced hand stitching, and heavy-duty stainless steel chain ensure it will withstand whatever torture he can throw out, making it ideal for a home gym. If his days of flinging hands are behind him, the traditional design looks just as attractive as a decorative object.

14. SONY PlayStation 5

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

We are all child in heart, especially men who goes to job for 9-5, still find time to play video games. If this is your man, then, you should consider getting this all new PS5 video game console, and let him blow him mind with awesome experience.

PS5 is every video gamer’s dream, all because of its innovative gaming experience. They have Dualsense controller is very good with it’s haptics and adaptive triggers. So you will immersed into the game play and transformed into the fantasy world.

So this is one of the best gaming gift idea for your gamer guy.

15. Make Your Hot Sauce Kit:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Men with a passion for cooking and spicy food will greatly appreciate this hot sauce set. It might not be the typical present you are used to sending or receiving but if you’re looking for uncommon gifts for men and the person loves a kick of capsaicin then you couldn’t ask for anything more fun.

Make his next birthday extra special with this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit. This package includes a selection of mouth-watering peppers and powders, as well as the kinds of vinegar, sugars, and equipment needed to make six bottles of your flavorful condiments.

16. 100 Things to Do Scratch Off Poster:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

One of the most uncommon gifts for men out there has to be this scratch-off poster with to-do lists. You can list your bucket list items and scratch them off when you can get them done. If your partner is feeling down and you’re looking for uncommon gifts for him then look no further.

Never regret what you did; only regret what you didn’t do’ is a saying we should all strive for, and you won’t be regretting anything with this scratch-off poster. This poster will inspire you to seize life by the horns, with activities ranging from insignificant to life-changing.

17. 3D Multilayered Wooden World Map:

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Here’s a unique birthday gift idea you can try, 3D wooden map on Amazon is one of the uncommon birthday gift idea ever. What the hell is this you may ask, but if your guy love travelling and adventurous life then, he sure will love this awesome 3D multilayered wooden world map.

This global map will make an incredible gift for anyone who has or plans to tour the globe. This massive map, which comes with or without names and can be mounted to the wall in under an hour by following the numbered pattern given, is made of birch plywood in a variety of finishes.

18. AirPods Max

Uncommon Birthday Gifts For Him

Tech might not be the uncommon birthday gift you might be looking for to give your dad or partner, but every one loves apple gadgets for their quality and design. So these comfortable Apple Airpod Maxheadphones are unique and qualify as best birthday gifts for him.

Look no farther than the new AirPods Max over ear headphones if you’re searching for a cool tech gadget. The AirPods Max provides excellent sound and is built to last. They’ll never get tangled thanks to comfortable and high quality sound. This will make his day and let him enjoy his music with Airpod Max headphone.


We hope you find your ideal uncommon birthday gifts for him from our list. If you’re looking for more birthday gifts in then sure we will be updating more in this list.

It is not about the cost of the gift when it comes to your loved one, but the experience, feel and awwness they show once they see your cool gift for his birthday. It will be priceless always.

So, choose different this time and see how much happier he ll be! Let us know your thoughts and new birthday ideas below in the comment section.

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