20 Special 18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

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18th birthday gift ideas

The 18th birthday of your child is a great occasion, not only for the child but the whole family. The child is no more a CHILD but legally a grown-up as they say 18 AND LEGAL. The happiness and excitement of your child is 18 is magnified when it is your daughter. And that time your mind must be surrounded by many different 18th Birthday gift ideas.

Usually 18th Birthday parties are more special to your little girl and it will be a huge change in her life. So it is time as a parent to show her the love she needs and support for her future as well. 

Now, it is your daughter’s milestone birthday and you are planning a party for her inviting all your relatives, putting birthday sashes, all your family and her circle of friends. Everybody will bring in gifts, some of them really special and exciting ones but being a parent, you want yours to be the best gift she receives. So we have the unique gift guides in UncommonGifts to choose from. 

If you have a girl in your life then her perfect gift should be entirely new and classy. Because it is the start of a new life for her. And you definitely want some excitingly different 18th birthday gift ideas.

You have a lot going on in your mind about their future, their studies, the party and the management and also the gift which is a bit of a worry as you want yours to be the best and the most exciting one. We have a list of the 20 most interesting and exciting 18th birthday gift ideas for her.

Best 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

You can’t simply make out her 18th birthday party with a simple birthday cards with beautiful poem. There are some unique gift ideas you can choose for this kind of days. In 20th century, an Eighteenth birthdays are a grand celebration, called ‘the debut‘. This is why we brought you the list of best 18th birthday gift ideas for daughter.

1. A Destination Birthday

 18th birthday gift ideas

A teenage girl has fantasies like a vacation trip to the mountains, beach, maybe a theme park, or anywhere nice with friends or family. You can surprise your girl with a trip planned to somewhere she wants to go and you can take her friends along and maybe celebrate her birthday in the place she always wanted to go and make her fantasy come to reality.

It will be memorable gift for 18 year old girls. You can throw a party for her friends and your family at that specific place. This will actually double her excitement and happiness and your wish for having given her the best present.

2. Beautiful Jewelry

birthday present ideas

Teenage girls have an obsession with flashy and shiny jewelry. They always have space left in their jewelry box for shiny and shimmery objects like rings, lockets, chokers, bracelets, and studs. You can look for the new trends in the market and buy jewelry according to them so they can keep up with the swing. This is one of the usual gift ideas for 18th birthday girl.

You can even gift them with something precious like a gold or diamond pendant or a ring that she can cherish and treasure for the rest of her life. You can get a custom locket or ring made for them with initials of their names or a special date or even the symbols for their zodiac or something special and elegant. This is one of the best 18th birthday gift ideas.

3. Exotic Perfume Bundle

birthday present ideas

Perfumes are the best birthday present ideas for a girl, especially for her 18th birthday. You can present her with a classy and elegant perfume with a sweet and soft aroma that she can wear at her friends get together parties and the one that makes her the center of attraction whenever she wears it.

You can take her to a good perfume brand outlet and let her choose for herself. This will be even better than you choosing for her because you can never really know a teen and what they want.

4. Makeup Pack Bundle

birthday present ideas

Makeup is one the most common birthday presents a girl receives on her birthday and a Makeup kit is the most usual 18th birthday gift idea for girls without any doubt. Girls in their teens tend to give their appearance a little more attention than they do before.

Makeup is not about hiding flaws and marks, but in fact, feeling beautiful and confident about yourself and around people or wherever you go. Make-up for girls is something like a well-tailored suit and an expensive watch is for boys, It makes them stand out of the crowd when they know what kind of makeup suits them and how can they apply it the right way and look perfect.

Besides, make-up is like the most basic need of all the females we have around us even if they are naturally beautiful which everyone is, they still need to make up to enhance their profile. For that, some good-quality makeup products like blush, lip-kit, or an eye-shadow palette could never go wrong.

5. All New iPhone

unique birthday gifts for her

In today’s world, we all have to stay connected. By connected, it is meant, to the family and friends along with the outside world as well. Nowadays, a phone is the mode of connection between everyone and it has kind of become a necessity for everyone.

If your daughter does not have one yet, you can buy her the latest model of her preferred brand or if she does already have one, you can present her with the latest one with upgrades in the camera and performance.

You can even check out some cute and elegant covers for their phone, this is exciting and one of the best 18th birthday ideas.

6. Digital Camera

unique birthday gifts for her

Girls are obsessed with taking pictures and selfies. They just want to capture the moments they are living and keep them close. They would never lose a picture taken with family, friends, or any moment or scenery captured.

A good birthday gift idea for her can be a really good camera which helps her capture all the moments and memories which she can cherish all her life. This will be a best birthday gifts for her.

7. Elegant Handbag

unique birthday gifts for her

We all especially adults have accessories that we need to carry with us almost everywhere we go. The accessories include a wallet or purse, a mobile phone, sunshades if you are going out on a sunny day, your keys, etc. Boys have huge jeans pockets in which they can easily carry all of their accessories but for girls, it is not the same, especially if they are wearing eastern clothing.

They need a bag which is an accessory to carry all of their other accessories. A good birthday gift idea for her is an elegant handbag that is light and has enough space for her stuff. You can get her a designer or a branded handbag which makes her the focal point in the whole crowd.

8. Customized Photo Frame

gift ideas for 18th birthday girl

Looking for the best gift, A Customized photo frame for photos of her and her friends and their moments together is too good of an idea for her birthday. Who doesn’t like pictures? Especially printed and framed ones in the era of everything digitalized, where a photo frame with a portrait in it is a very aesthetic and rare sight.

This could be a really good 18th birthday gift idea with very less the worrying and a very happy and excited receiver. All you have to do is gather some good clicks of her along with her friend’s group and put them into a nice girly frame and you’re good to go.

You can get the frames from your nearest photo store and can also get them customized the way you want. Pictures are collections of precious times spent with friends and family that are forever cherished whenever looked at.

9. Classy Wristwatches

gift ideas for 18th birthday girl

Teens are usually very careless and irresponsible. They don’t really bother about anything especially time. They waste a lot of their time doing nothing actually. You can give them an elegant and classy watch which adds to their persona and also makes them, maybe not much but a bit responsible and also teaches them the value of time as they will literally have it at hand at all times.

A watch is a very necessary accessory and a piece of Jewellery as well. It makes one look more attractive and mature. Also, if you are wearing an expensive one, you are automatically alluring to everyone around you.

10. Room Décor With Her Favourite Stuff

gift ideas for 18th birthday girl

A decorated room is of the most wonderful 18th Birthday gift ideas for girls. Everyone has their privacy and needs a separate independent space especially when they are growing old and leaving their teens. Everyone has a room they study, rest, sleep and hang out in and it just gets better if it is all for oneself. You can give your girl an independent room if she doesn’t have one already.

This gives her a sense of adulthood and also reassures her that her privacy is respected and taken care of. Moreover, this makes your teen responsible too and they will also start to take part in the household chores like cleaning the room, changing the sheets, emptying the trash can, etc.

 A room is one’s very own kingdom. They want it to look and feel as good as it can, just like a King/Queen wants for his/her realm. The appearance and ambiance of the place where one spends most of his time have a massive effect on the growth of their mind and their mood.

A thoughtful birthday present for her 18th birthday can be a room décor. You can appoint an interior designer or put your creativity at work and re-design the interior of her room. You can put some fairy lightings in the room, on the wall, around the curtains, or on the rooftop. You can give the furniture an upgrade or just get a cute table for the room to make it look nicer than it did before.

11. Levi’s Women’s Trucker Jacket

gift ideas for 18th birthday girl

Teen girls are always short of clothes even though having an overflowing cupboard. New branded clothing of the season is one of the best 18th Birthday gift ideas for girls. No one should miss this sort of opportunity to make them feel happy.

They never seem to have anything suitable to wear whenever they are going out. One of the best 18th birthday gift ideas is to take her out shopping and get her enough outfits for the rest of the season. You can get her a jacket if it’s winter or a light summer dress if it’s spring.

12. Nike Women’s Fitness Shoes

gift ideas for 18th birthday girl

Ya, we know it is bit uncommon, but lot of college goers into classy and smooth sneaker shoes. Shoes are attractive to people of all ages. Girls love this sort of birthday present. A good pair of shoes is what defines and beautifies one’s personality even more.

It is the most important part of the outfit and anyone who looks at you sees your shoes first of all. You can get her a pair of good Nike or Adidas sneakers which she can wear with almost everything or maybe a sandal that goes with both formals and casual outfits. You can also buy her a pair of elegant high heels which make her stick out in a formal gathering like a fair-well party or other school functions.

13. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye Conditioner

unusual 18th birthday gift ideas

Teen girls are obsessed with doing things to their hair and it solely depends on their mood. One moment, they will want to get them colored cool and funky, the very next moment or as soon as they are done with getting the color, they might regret and want the real color back.

As a solution to this, you can give her a temporary hair dye as a birthday present with which she can do any color she wants to her hair and remove it whenever she wants. She won’t even regret it later because she knows she can change it back to the natural color when she feels done with it.

14. An Independent Vehicle

unusual 18th birthday gift ideas

When a child grows old, their needs also grow older. Being a child we all want an unshared and individual bicycle or a tricycle or maybe a skateboard. As we grow older, we start going out, to buy groceries, hangouts with friends, etc. No one likes to go to places using a taxi or a lift.

You can get them a car or a scooter for their transportation either used or a new one. They just want to know that you believe in them and that you are making them independent by these gestures. That is, in fact, the best present for them to tell them that they are old enough to be on their own.

15. Cute Pets (Cat / Dog / Parrot)

unusual 18th birthday gift ideas

Pets are like best friends and family you love unconditionally. Even if you don’t want one, you will end up loving them. As soon as they recognize that you are their owner, they start loving you more than anything, and the things they do make you fall in love with them.

The best 18th birthday idea is definitely a pet. You can ask what animal they like the most from the pets category like dogs, cats, parrots or birds, fish or even a tortoise, etc. You should get a baby of the animals they like because seeing it grow would be the best feeling.

16. Favorite Artist Concert Tickets.

unique birthday gifts for her

We all have a favorite artist/singer we are always listening to and would do anything to listen to them live. Attending their concert is like a dream wish for everyone. On their 18th birthday, you can give them a ticket to the live concert of their favorite singer which will make her birthday even more special.

You can just take notes of who they are listening to whether on their phone or while in their car and keep an eye on when is that artist performing and buy tickets for her but as we know, such activities are only fun when you have your friends along with you so you will have to buy at least 3 tickets for 2 of her friends to go for the company with her.

17. Gift Card With Subscriptions

unique birthday gifts for her

We all love to watch seasons and movies on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime, etc. Especially girls in their teenage, love to watch romance, high school/college related seasons, fiction and mystery genre movies and then gossip about them with their friends. You can also try getting birthday gift cards as a present for your little girl to choose on her own.

Also her favourite coffee shop (StarBucks Cards) gift card or favorite magazine subscription could be best gift idea option.

As these platforms mentioned above are paid and the content is found nowhere else, for students, it is tough to keep up with the monthly payments for those platforms. You can give the subscriptions as a birthday present to them so they can watch anything they want and will not have to worry about the charges and payments.

18. Let That Sh*t Go : A Journal

unique birthday gifts for her

Everyone wants to vent about how their day has been and what events have taken place in the last few days or the last week. For that, you need a good listener which is most probably A BEST FRIEND but there are some things you don’t feel like sharing and talking about even with your best friend. And keeping in such things is also a hazard for your mental health.

For this reason, you can get a journal, daily affirmation journal (E.g. 5 Minute Journal) or a diary and think of it as your best friend. You can write whatever you want and think about it and nobody ever has to know and you don’t even feel like you have not talked about it with anyone.

Teen life is not easy, there are always such happenings that make you feel overwhelmed and you cannot even think of anyone to talk to about them. You can give her a journal in which she can write anything she wants be it her thoughts, happenings, poetry, her writings, and even notes.

19. Custom Spotify Glass

unique birthday gifts for her

A music streaming app namely Spotify is very viral nowadays. It is also a paid subscription but it is good value for money. You can download songs for offline listening, you can stream songs online whenever you want and you can easily find any artist and any song without any hassle. That can be a really good 18th birthday gift idea. The more exciting thing is that they give a specific code for every song they have and you can scan it to listen to that specific song.

You can ask her about her favorite song or the song she likes to listen to with her friends or maybe even a dedication to her and get the code printed on a framed glass. There are people in the market who make such prints and customizations. This will be like your special song and whenever she wants to listen to it, she just has to scan the glass print and you both can enjoy it.

20. Her Favourite Skincare Bundle

unique birthday gifts for her

Skincare is important especially when you hit puberty. A good skin care regimen is a must-have for younger girls to keep their skin looking healthy and glowing. It is a necessity something that she will be using every day so you do not have to worry if she will like it or not because every girl loves her counter/dressing shelf to be loaded with stuff like skincare and hair care products. You can gift her a whole set of products like these which will be very advantageous to her.

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